Ohlone College Budget Updates

Monday, December 8, 2008

State Budget: Ohlone College Updates (12/12/08)

December 12, 2008

Members of the Ohlone College Community:

College-wide understanding of our fiscal situation is fundamental to the Learning College concept, and it allows us to make realistic plans for the college’s future. This memo is the first in a series of ongoing updates intended to provide open communication about the budget situation at Ohlone. A space has been created on the President’s web page for regular budget updates and links to various details and reports from other sources. In addition, this blog is provided is provided for you to post your responses to each update and your cost-saving ideas. This blog is monitored by the President’s office and your comments and suggestions are encouraged!

This particular update provides some background facts about the state and college budgets; principles upon which, after consulting with the President’s staff, the College Council, and the Faculty Senate, I intend to make budget allocation/reduction decisions; and actions I plan to take.


  • Ohlone's funding is almost entirely dependent on the state budget.
  • The situation for this year and coming years is not defined yet.
  • We are expecting mid-year cuts in 2008-09.
  • Next year’s budget cuts are predicted to be more drastic than this year’s.


  • Ohlone’s fiscal stability over the next few years must be ensured.
  • We seek, to the greatest extent possible, to protect programs and services that directly impact students and to avoid layoffs of faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • The decision process will be transparent and collegial. I want your ideas.


(Note: Several documents below are posted on a “Document Index” here: http://www.ohlone.edu/org/president/budgetupdates/20081208budgetupdateindex.html)

  • Our planning horizon is the rest of 2008-09 through 2009-10.
  • We are analyzing potential savings/revenue generated by various means. (Use link above and reference document 01)
  • We will use multiple scenarios to ensure we are prepared for various budget eventualities. (Use link above and reference document 02)
  • I ask your assistance to start saving now. The more we save, the bigger the one-time amount we will have on-hand to offset next year’s cuts.
  • We intend to apply existing one-time funds, with the exception of the state-required 5% reserve, to offset any 2008-09 cuts. (Use link above and reference document 03)
  • I am posting updates from the Chancellor’s Office and the Community College League of California (CCLC) as I receive them. (Use link above and reference documents listed under 04 and 05)
  • There will be regular budget updates made to College Council and the Board. (Use link above and reference documents listed under 06 for relevant minutes)
  • There is a page on the President's website to view budget updates and cost-saving steps: http://www.ohlone.edu/org/president/budgetupdates/
  • This blog has been created so you can post your ideas and suggestions: http://browningbudgetupdates.blogspot.com/
  • We will present a tentative 2009-10 budget for the Board to approve in June, 2009.

I will be working closely with the Ohlone's College Council and the College Leaders to plan how we will use existing reserves, manage enrollment, curtail expenses, and increase revenue sources. I am confident Ohlone can weather this year’s cuts without impacting programs and services. Next year is likely to be even more of a challenge, but we will get through it together.

Gari Browning, Ph.D.